About Me

I’m a self-taught photo artist from The Netherlands, based in Barneveld, Gelderland.

Photography is not only what I love and what I do, it’s also a reflection of my emotions, the passion of the unknown, mystery rich with darkness and romance. My work associated with classical paintings. Working almost exclusively with natural light and long exposure times.

What I’m trying to show is a glimpse of an fairytale world, a escape from reality using the light of nature, color and texture, transform my photographs into compositions of timeless enchantment.


I have Multiple Sclerosis, so it’s not always possible for me to shoot.  
When I’m in my good period, I’m enjoying photography. I prefer to photograph Animals, Equestrian & Nature.



EDITORIAL : SECEquine, Institute magazine, Divulge Magazine, Coco Magazine, Cocktail Revolution, Edge of Humanity, Anstitate Mag.